Thanks for the dessert
Really… thanks! Have I known that it would be the last, a thing in the past, things were too fast, you were aghast, like somehow harassed, my feelings so vast, I wished this would be everlast
Indeed you were nice, it trapped me on ice, a desolate paradise, I never knew there was a price, my efforts like precious grains of rice, you tossed a calloused dice, my spurned sacrifice, it just so happened that I won’t suffice
Borrowing Dolores’s words, I thought a world of you, an element more sublime than the morning dew, an armor to get me through, my greatest view, an abstract sole in my shoe, an end in a long line of a military queue, my heart marching on coup,  my beautiful déjà vu, the star that I look up to, my sweet apple bird waiting to ensue, the only person I’d like to be with in a rocking canoe.
Sana nga puwede na lang ako magalit sa’yo. But I can’t neglect my love and respect for you all. I’m simply yearning for you. Was this all part of the scam, ‘cuz you simply don’t give a damn. Oh man, you’re such a dead pan. Oh yeah I forgot you never give a damn. I’ve always been the gazelle chasing a lion. A worker bee hovering over a braggart dandelion. Lustfully desiring an unwanted diamond. A charm clasped in intellectual, philosophical iron. Becoming a patriotic titan. And me? A hopeful romantic at the end of the line. So if ever you decide to be with some stupid tyrant, damn sam, I’d start a riot.
I lied when I said I could handle your gigantic pride. Your pride can surpass even Bolt’s strides. Like a midnight high tide. You kept me on the outside, reluctantly replied, not even on a yuletide, your flaws amplified, your thick walls a great divide! You’re system can’t be override!
I chose you to be my soothing poison. My loving reason. And it’s killing me. Chilling and killing my precious ginger tea. You know what I mean. My feelings to you is not a hyperbole. My dream of you even just for a silver jubilee. My prideful damsel in the Caribbean sea. You will always be my lovely big foot slash banshee. And in this lifetime I guess you will never see, me.
“Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.”– L. Ron Hubbard