There is a big shift in man’s consciousness happening at this very moment. A drastic change is going on around the world. This paradigm shift is happening globally due to the influx of information, resulting in an increase level of human awareness. We are becoming emphatic and we are enabling ourselves to feel the energy surrounding us. Some people may know that they are, some people don’t and many can’t even explain it. We just simply feel it right now and we are slowly awakening. Here are the indications that the people on the planet is awakening:

It’s not the answers that enlightens,

but the question

Eugene Ionesco

*We are starting to questioning our reality

Truth has always been subjective. We have already forgotten our capability to discover and create our own truth and reality. We are living in somebody else’s dream. But now, more and more people are questioning the current situation in the planet. We question the feeds we see in our social media accounts, we question the news on TV, we question the books that we are reading, we question every detail. This curiosity will eventually lead us towards a reality based on ourselves, based on what we really want our reality to be. We are seeing new meaning on things. This phenomena is best exemplified in the 2004 movie The Village. If we are driven to discover the world beyond the walls of the matrix then we will be able to get out in our caves and discover our own path.

I see the world Luscious Hunt, not just as you see it – Ivy Elizabeth Walker

*We want out of the city

More and more of us want a simple life out of the urban jungle. We want to breathe fresh air, we want to hear the crashing of the waves, we want to listen to the sounds of the forest, we want to see the world on top of the mountains, we want to feel the tiny sands in our feet. Many of us are getting tired of the usual, work-home, work-home routine. We are starting to adhere to the call of nature.

A couple quit their jobs after falling in love with the wilderness in West Virginia USA. Photographer, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz decided to spend their whole lives living in a real fairy tale. They found a different zest in life seeing the beauty of nature and decided to savor a lifestyle in the caring arms of the universe.
The couple made a house built on used window panes. 

*We are sincerely sharing

There is a longing desire to help and share knowledge to those in need. We are becoming faceless. We are slowly understanding the essence of sincerely reaching out. Our actions are receiving more relevance rather than our self gratification. We are taking small steps towards singularity and realizing that we are all in this together. We are using our talents, skills and knowledge to inspire.

*We are experiencing synchronicity

Synchronicity means harmony. Sometimes we think of something then it happens right before our eyes. We think of someone then suddenly we bump into that person. We think of something we need then it shows up in our doorstep. Our intentions align with our life. We create what we think and the universe is supportive of this. The more we think positively the more we experience positive things. We just have to let go and things will be fine. Award winning actor Anthony Hopkins has proof on the power of synchronicity. Read more about his story on this link:

*We are getting comfortable on who we really are

We are coming to realize that being true to ourselves is better than abiding to the demands of society. We are gearing towards self-improvement rather than being told of what we should do, how we should look, how we should act.

My recent spiritual awakening made me realize all these things. I have come to dedicate my life discovering who I really am. I am seeing the world in a different light now. I am on a path reaching the full capacity of my being. Hence, I’ve created my own brand of documentary entitled The First Jump. A cross between philosophy and documentary. Catch the pilot episode coming this August!

Be part of the spiritual revolution!

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