It was a regular day. Another afternoon. Doing the usual household chores with my brother. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything was gleeful. Everything was in its natural state.
Then it started to rain. Like any other normal day, it pours during this hour. The sound of the rain was typical – or so we thought.
The heavy rain started drenching everything in sight as we look outside the window. But as everything looked natural from the outside, the world was experiencing it quite differently. Still, we went on with our daily routine not knowing the foreboding havoc waiting patiently.
When we were done sweeping the floors, I was about to call my parents to have lunch, while my brother was preparing it for us. But something strange caught my eye. I stared at it intently as I was feeling sort of delusional. It was flooding outside, it was waving hysterically, and this flood was otherworldly. I could not believe I was seeing a 4 feet tide from just a normal downpour. This was supposed to be a usual day for us all. And as I look at the flood with its menacing surge, my body started to feel paralyzed from this surreal situation. “This cant happen”, I told myself. I felt hypnotic as the peculiarly aqua blue colored flood glistens from outside our window. Its sound is like a wave crashing from the seas. It smells like the sea. It looks like it came from the sea. Then I came to my senses and uttered, “Oh my God this is doom”
I hurried outside to see what was going on. The wind was so strong it had an eerie whistle and one would feel that it had bad, malicious intentions. There were screams of panic and disorder. And as I tilt my head up to see the skies, there I saw waiting for me was hopelessness and despair. Approaching from afar was a mountain high tsunami. It had a sound like that of a marching army. I stood in front of it observing its mightiness. Analyzing its overwhelming strength and power. Caught up by its enchanting shiny, dark blue color. Anticipating the pain of its unwavering crash. While all this was happening, my unimaginable fear throbbing and bursting my heart, I miserably thought “how can I beat this”
But even before I could make my move, the great tsunami made its presence known and deluged the land. Yet I was alive. The flood was a hundred feet high. There was no way to survive this catastrophe. Yet quickly I thought, that this ordinary day was made phenomenal by this all-powerful tsunami, so why cant I make something extraordinary too?
I swam inside the house to save everyone from our household, not minding the risk of dying in the process. Besides theres no point in living without your loved ones anyway. So I mustered all my strength, and bravely took each one of them and brought them to the water surface. When I was done doing so, we floated in the currents of the tsunami and all we can see was serene waters. There were few of us survivors and I was lucky that I eluded a cruel death. Moreover, I have beaten my own fear.
It felt a little bit relieving, but I knew that this was far from over. I hurriedly thought of a plan, and I suggested that we go to the high rises of the city to take refuge. All of us swam a drudging 5 kilometer long apocalyptic waters. Fortunately, no harm caught us and we swam peacefully towards shelter.
We climbed a few feet in order to reach the rooftop of a 20 storey tower building. It didnt looked like much of a tower, now that the flood made it look like a 10 feet structure.
Others made it to the roof top too. Faces were in shock. Everyone was soaking wet. No one has an idea what just happened. Whats going to happen from now on? It’s like the world has been reset. But apart from all of these questions, I was relieved that I did something out of the ordinary. Something heroic. Now life goes on.

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