“Whoever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morrison

We are currently living in an extremely fast paced world. Where technology dictates our timeline. Where information is blurred. Where everyone has the right to speak, act, do unimportant, nonsensical things. We are bombarded with all these pretenses that we often forgot to ask the right questions. In effect, our idea of SELF has greatly depreciated and we have fallen into the hands of hopelessness, indifference, materialism and narcissism. We have forgotten to question the real essence of our being.

“Who am I?”

“What is reality?”

“What is true happiness?”

“What is freedom?”

“What is true love?”

We rely the answers to these questions to the media, the internet, books, friends, families, when in fact that the real answer will come from within you. We are tasked to go out and find the answers by means of discovering ourselves. We are designed to seek our own paths and stand against all adversity that comes with it. As sentient beings, we are equipped with the right tools to go out and see beyond the horizon. To fathom the vast landscapes of the unknown. Expansion of imagination. Living a purposeful life. Loving beyond measure. Detachment from the five regular senses. But we have forgotten that we are capable of such. We are locked in our own prison cells. We are living in caves. We are dummies when ironically we have the power. Real Power.

Trent Reznor in his 1999 music video for We’re in this Together. The video depicts Reznor escaping from the system of uniformity and compliance.

My awakening has brought me light into what has to be done in order to alleviate this social problem. Poverty has long been a crisis. Corruption has become normal and most of the time customary. War is a hot commodity for money-making business. Entertainment is the most lucrative propaganda.

My answer is: Spiritual Revolution.

I have revered Jesus Christ since I became a former unit head of a christian charismatic group. I strongly believe that Christ paved the way on how we can see that we are compassionate, humble and enigmatic beings. He showed us that human beings are capable of doing miracles only if we are able to find union with our mind, body and soul. Christ is one of the many enlightened beings like Buddha and Yogananda. If a person denies or doubt the extent of power these people had, then they doubt and deny themselves. They doubt and deny the divinity given to us. Thus they will never be able to reach their full potential and growth. Christ has served a good foundation to me. We are actually capable of doing so much more than Him bringing us a bigger and wilder challenge.

One can not traverse the unknown if there’s reluctance to believe the unusual – Pepper Bobadilla

So having a good grounding in Christ and a meaningful journey as a shaman I want to share my knowledge thru my philo-docu series The First Jump. It is an experimental genre of documentary seeing the world thru the eyes of a shaman and accelerate the growth of the human spirit. My series is also an antithesis to the glitz and glamour portrayed by the present media personalities. I want to be able to empower the viewers and guide them towards believing and seeking their own personal truths. Thru this documentary series I will be able to spiritually grow together with the people. Together with the world. Bring more peace, more hope and more love.

Aerial shot of Naujan Lake in Oriental Mindoro. It is a protected area and a National Park and considered as the widest breeding place for marsh birds in the Philippines.

The first episode for the TFJ series is entitled Plight of Naujan. The documentary tackles issues about alleged illegal mining and how man and nature are connected. My journey to Naujan Oriental Mindoro was also enlightening with the help of folk artists such as Joey Ayala and Bayang Barrios who shared their thoughts on the distressing situation of the Mangyans.


Be part of the massive human metamorphosis. Join the global transcendence in human consciousness. Don’t be left behind! Grow wings and take the First Jump!

Bayang Barrios and Cookie Chua of Tres Marias supporting the anti mining Campaign in Naujan Oriental Mindoro

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