It’s crazy how mushrooms right now are made of concrete.

Greedy, malicious, selfish, cold-hearted concrete.

It sprouts not on dead logs and shaded forest floors. It has doors and windows lights and sounds, laughter and disaster.

It ain’t the one’s that are short, edible miniature umbrellas.

It can reach out and pierce through the clouds, making it hard to appreciate cosmic skyline scenery – more of a floating grey to silver artistic cemetery.

It blocks the horizon. It’s so contrived and fake like a poorly made dystopia themed diorama.

Blade Runner is based on Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip said, “It was my own interior world. They caught it perfectly”

Then, people makes it even worse! Like Blade Runner coming into life. Like Dredd, Like Matrix, I enjoyed it but not the real thing! Reality is more fucked up than fiction.

People with no heads. People embracing uniformity. A somnabulist hard-wired, money-driven society. Becoming electric superficial vampires who feeds unnecessarily. Who blindly feeds to insult the hungry. Who feed their enslaved dark green stinky stomachs. Who the fuck eats all these shit all at the same fucking time?!

When did it happen?! Who was responsible for putting a price on our faces?! Why do we live in our own fictional reality show?! Where the flawless thrive. Superficiality survives. Where plastic sells and peace never sells.

God is hitler. I await for the cruel inevitable deluge. A random kill. A stalking strike on the innocent. A reckless punishment to those who buried the rivers. To those who breath money. To those impaired of hearing earthbound cries. To those making this world a complicated rubberized polymer.

In 1493 the Spanish government engaged in a cultural assimilation campaign, forcing thousands of Native American children into boarding schools.

I am a tamed broken legged bravo wolf. With fangs made of wood. My howls aim at the gods. My days are numbered. My breed is outnumbered.

I pray that someday I may live a life of purpose. That someday I’d be able to hunt and bite on the most mouthwatering prey I’ve seen. A lethal kill that would align stars and bring about life. My cries that would elevate me to other habitable dimensions.

To tapo on that frequency that I may live the dreams of being with Elisheba.

Oh how I have prayed against the pull of gravity. To keep myself intact in this inevitable reality.

As this world crumbles down, as more rocks and stones erect to blind us from the horizon, as I save my natural state from blood cell energy wifi, all prayers and wishes point to you…

To see you Elisheba, before they cut the trees.

Northern Lights
EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska — The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, shines above Bear Lake here Jan. 18. The lights are the result of solar particles colliding with gases in Earth’s atmosphere. Early Eskimos and Indians believed different legends about the Northern Lights, such as they were the souls of animals dancing in the sky or the souls of fallen enemies trying to rise again. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Joshua Strang)

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