Have you ever been to a place where you suddenly felt so alive? You feel so invigorated. As if you were reborn and everything felt new? This place could be your childhood playground, your backyard, schoolyard, coffee shop but its most probable that you were hanging around in what many would term as your personal “power spot”.

Since time immemorial, sacred places have been existing all around the world and has attracted the minds of millions of people. The Temples of Egypt, Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, these are some of the places that comes into mind when talking about magical places on earth. People who have visited these places had accounts of, healing, enlightenment, a boost in creativity, opening of the third eye and an awakening in search for the purpose of life.

The question is why do we feel empowered visiting these sacred sites? What mystery surrounds these spiritual destinations and what power does it behold?

Anthropologist Martin Gray has solved some of the riddles. According to Gray, there is a metaphysical presence at these holy grounds that accounts for the phenomenal experiences to those who has visited such places. There is a divine field of energy that envelopes these places caused by the concentrated power of human intention.

Known also as Tiger’s Lair where Guru Rinpoche or “precious master” (also known as second buddha) of Bhutan is said to have meditated.

Within the premises, in every corner, every space the intention of the millions of people who gathered  for thousands of years have accumulated energies of love, healing and godliness. Through continuous prayers, meditations and rituals this sacred power is passed to those who have the same intention. These enchanted places are also where Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and all the ascended avatars found their divinity.

Photo taken during my first year high school with Dome of the Rock as background. Inside my pocket was a Walkman with a Silverchair Frog Stomp cassette tape.

In 1998 I was fortunate to be able to walk in the holy grounds of Israel. My mom and I went for a 12 day pilgrimage in Jerusalem and Nazareth. At that time, it was a usual vacation for me because I was young, but as I grew older I reaped the knowledge that was given to me subconsciously. I attribute my heightened sensitivity and creativity because of my Holy Land tour. I became fascinated with spirituality, deities and the esoteric. The sacred became real to me.

The first photo taken when I went to Infinity Farm Oriental Mindoro.

But what I’ve come to learn is that, one doesn’t need to go to these places for enlightenment. Power spots are everywhere. It is right next to you. For all we know, it could be where you are right now. It is where you feel closely connected to. It is a matter of finding the right frequency and quiet the senses. It could be a park, mall, street, it is your own power, your own intention.

In Mindoro, I was able to discover a rock beneath the waterfalls that holds a rejuvenating power. A mystical and hidden power spot.

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