After editing the first episode of The First Jump, I was immediately called by Youth for Peace and Advocacy Movement once more for a medical mission. The mission, dubbed as Bangon Naujan, was one of the many series of medical check-ups in the barangays of Oriental Mindoro. So soon after, I embarked once more on a trip that would bring me knowledge and enlightenment. 

A Separate Reality succeeds the first book called The Teachings Of Don Juan a Yaqui Way of Knowledge.

I remember reading the book by Carlos Casteneda entitled A Separate Reality at the ro-ro boat. It was night time and the moon was full and a can of beer was the perfect fit for the equation. I recalled this line from Carlos’ book: “We are men and our lot in life is to learn and to be hurled into inconceivable new worlds.” It is probable that was he pertaining to a world unbeknownst to us, but clearly I was yet again in a place I am not familiar with.

I was excited to be honest. During these times , I was in the process of shedding old skin and I was veering away from the usual kicks of society. Again, this was synchronicity working once more. I slept comfortably with the room provided by YPAM to which I am very thankful of. So early in the morning, we went straight to this multi-purpose basketball court and it was extremely hot. There were thousands of people gathered waiting to be examined by professionals. But guess what, there was so much positivity  in the air that you really can’t feel the heat at all. There was just this overwhelming sensation of love and peace. Everyone was smiling. Everyone was having fun. As Mahatma Ghandi put it “Happiness is when you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

This trip was an inspiration to me. This is where I learned that positivity can heal you even before you get the proper medication. The second episode of The First Jump documented the ultra-fun moments of helping at the medical mission and a power stone found beneath a remote waterfalls. Launching this September! Be part of the spiritual revolution!

Grow wings and fly!

These kids are patiently waiting for their turn at the physician’s cue. – Photo by Siri Villarta.

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