“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” – JM Barrie, Peter Pan

Days after my 4-day-fasting and meditation, I came up with my own idea of a production house. I named it “The Truth Project” at first. I had three conceptual programs for social media back then. My plan was to produce these sample programs and present it to various news websites here in the Philippines and sell my idea. But as my adventure slowly unfolds my concept and idea is no longer for sale. And The Truth Project is now Rogue Wolf Creations.

I had no camera, no editing machine, no production team, only my will and drive to create a compelling story. My initial plan for my sample episode was to make a study and document the distressing issue of traffic in Manila. But before I was about to create an outline for it, the Oriental Mindoro story came at my doorstep. It was perfect timing. Synchronicity at its finest! Why? My friends were in full support of my journey and they provided me with the necessary tools for the trip.

My friend who led a group of youth advocates was going to Naujan to spread awareness of alleged illegal mining. I have to admit that I was very scared. I was warned that things could get nasty. It felt like I was sleeping every night with a gun pointed at my head. But as I met many people along the way my fear transformed to bravery. I’ve met with highly principled people in Mindoro who would die for nature, for compatriots and for country. Not for their own gains but for the future of the next generation. People of Mindoro are highly articulate and my idea of making a philosophy-documentary was an easy one because of this. Mainly because they are deeply rooted in their Mangyan roots.

The Mangyans are expert agriculturists, planting sweet potatoes, rice and taro. They also know how to trap small animals and wild pigs.

I learned patriotism from them. Among others, I learned humility, service and benevolence. It was in this journey that I was reinforced that the things I considered important were no longer important to me now. Fame, ego, material wealth are becoming a thing of the past. It it from this trip that I realized that when one follows his heart, the universe will follow. Before, I was so scared of leaving my old life behind. I was anxious to unplug myself to the matrix. I was afraid that people would brand me as insane or delusional but all it took was “The First Jump”.

I remember my former employer and superior telling me, “I am seeing a dream” after I told him about my plans of forming my own brand of media. Now I am living that dream. I have nothing now but that single dream of attaining enlightenment and hastening human transcendence. If I do not reach it now, I will in my next life. Or the life after next.

Please support Rogue Wolf Creations! Spread knowledge! Spread the awakening! Spread enlightenment! Grow wings and fly!

*Special thanks to

Thadrumble – Aerial Drone Shots

Grace Sucgang – mini camera

Siri Villarta – Environmental Advocate

Carlo Capco – Renewable Energy Advocate

Ozi Mendoza – Visual Artist

Roy Salvador – RWC Logo Creator

Youth For Peace And Advocacy Movement

Batang Naujan


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