What we call human nature in actuality is human habit – Jewel

In 1996 when I was in 6th grade, I’d usually see the music video of Jewel’s Who Will Save Your Soul on TV. It was always played during re-runs of this local music program on TV aired exactly by the time I get home from school. At that time, I found Jewel very charming. I was intrigued by her unique singing style, her  ultra-sick vocal range and her blonde hair. But not until I was in my late 20’s that I was able to see her as a sultry sex symbol. She is an animal! She is a firecracker! She is scorching hot! (that was before she went under the knife)

No wonder, Sean Penn got to her first

I am recently fond of watching Jewel’s live performances on youtube and, honestly, I get turned on. Watching her live is like an invitation to her pants. She sings like a temptress. Her eyes are extremely seducing. Her body frame is superb – a cross between voluptuous and salacious.  Her breasts are so full and plump. Her skin is like an organic porcelain. Her hips are perfect handles for a good sexual position. Her mouth seems to smell of milk and flowers when she is scatting. Her dance is a spell that beckons you to wonderland. Plus, you’d just want to recklessly kiss her lips with her semi-crooked (sungki) teeth. Oh, I can just imagine her breath would probably give me a hard on!

She also has this innocence that makes you wanna caress her, dominate her and make her feel good. She’d moan while you kiss her nape down to her navel. Cuddle her bosoms. Feel her legs down to her between. She’d probably gasp slowly as you thrust her gently and passionately. And after all of that is done it’s probably best to sleep on top of her flawless armpits.

But as I drown myself into my sexual fantasy, I appreciated the song more than the inner desires of my physical body (I wish). Who will Save your Soul was written by Jewel when she was 16. During that time she was travelling in Mexico where she performs as a street singer. She was overwhelmed seeing thousands of people on the road who looked like they were waiting for someone to save them. That was in 1995. After more than 20 years, the same scenario can be observed all over the world and it’s getting worse.

I didn’t know any chords – I played the same four over and over and just starting improvising lyrics. I sang and gave foot rubs at the docks of Cabo and hitchhicked without being murdered or raped. I always carried my little skinning knife. It wasn’t little, actually,  it was a pretty big knife.

According to WFP (World Food Programme), about 795 million people all over the world are experiencing food scarcity. That’s about one in nine people on the planet. If you come and think of it we are one of those privileged to have a home, have water, have food, have mobile phones, have money, have a reputation but what do we do of it?

People living their lives for you on TV
They say they’re better than you and you agree

The present media has taught us to be stupid. They have devised a way to grab us on the neck and condition us to act, to dress, to speak the way they do. Use this and that to look good. Eat this and that to be healthy. Speak this and that to be cool. Don’t do this and that to be good. What’s worse is that they entrap you with entertainment that we get stuck into it thinking: “buti pa sila may happy ending, ako wala, kaya manonood na lang ako” (I’d rather watch, they get the good ending anyway). Then we end up doing nothing about our lives and we are trapped in our own hell hole.

So we pray to as many different Gods as there are flowers
But we call religion our friend
We’re so worried about saving our souls
Afraid that God will take His toll
That we forget to begin

It has long been told that organized religions are lucrative businesses. With billions and billions of assets. How can one fully trust these people if they themselves are bounded by earthly riches. As far as I know, no great avatars of this earth attained enlightenment living in affluence.

There are addictions to feed and there are mouths to pay
So you bargain with the Devil, say you’re OK for today,
You say that you love them, take their money and run
Say it’s been swell, sweetheart, but it was just one of those things

There’s no certainty of people’s intentions. Some claim to help, they get loads of money, give some to the needy, then they end up buying expensive coffee. We are deceiving people into thinking we are charitable when in fact we are being profitable. If we are really willing to help then don’t show yourself on billboards and flaunt your benevolence. We help to get satisfaction within ourselves thinking: whew, that was a great experience! We are thinking of ourselves rather than the actual people we are helping.  Admit it, we don’t want them out of they’re misery, we want them to be there simply because we enjoy it.

The music video of Who Will Save Your Soul was shot in Los Angeles City Hall bathroom. Jewel regards restrooms as a place of solace. “I grew up outdoors and in nature, and I found the only place in cities I could be alone was in the bathroom”

Who Will Save Your Soul deserves a standing ovation for it’s melody, for it’s fiery live performances and most of all, the message it carries.

Millions of us are waiting for salvation. We are waiting since time immemorial. But we really have to discern and ask ourselves, who will really save our souls?

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