Like Pieces of Broken Glass Shards by Araw Sun

Intention is a powerful word,

of swords and gore it peaks on a different plane – a different world.

A world where creation is priority – diversity, creativity,

Intention-creation,,, a network of civilization,,, (composition)

where heart matters, overshadows apocalyptic disasters!

Actors and posers have no place to go, to know, as clear as a pearl white snow.

My spirit desires to be shot by a double edged bow! (What?!)

The thing that moves energy is intent. It isn’t conscious, it isn’t some white guy with a beard on a throne, it is the essence of life itself being molded, formed, born, destroyed. collected and reborn. Over and over again.

I am an idiot for idioms, like an iron mask, all that is etched are words that can not reach nor breach!

Mayday! Mayday! Can’t utter any words to say! (why no more heydays?)

Play? What you say? Watchado? My boo?! Damn I have no clue! (its all Ms. Keys)

(or Mrs. Swizz???)

A race with a furious pace, a cliché, yes if you’re on a coupe!

Hey wait! No, not the race – what?! Tell me who’s the ace?! (What?!)

Oh so contradicting! Mind boggling,,, who knows we might be rapping! (ehhhh!) – wrong answer!


On a different tone, (tagos hangang bone),

(Sige) ,,,on a different note,,, (???) man! That’s ***ot

(hihirit pa) like Allan Poe,,, a beautiful beau,,,

What’s a purpose of a verse,,, what’s the purpose of a purpose?

Hidden desire sets on fire – will it ever tire?


(here it comes) will it ever make a stamp?! (down to the last lines)

(cliché) a name in the annals of greatness,,,

(I hope I can nail this one)  – intention (ok no restrictions)

Terrified and barely breathing, everything is everything – listen

Will it ever come to fruition at last?

…Or will it be (like pieces of broken glass shards)

Kim: Hold me. Edward: I cant.

*Dedicated to the one I hurt most. To my wife in a different timeline and the closest pisces to my heart – Dane

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