My second journey to Naujan happened in May 2016. At that moment, my 4 day meditation and fasting was still in full effect even though it took place 2 months prior. It was during these times that I could really feel the universe already working for me. My rebirth has brought me to the open ocean drifting wherever the tides take me. There is a deep sense of inner peace and contentment.

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see it” – Carl Jung

Under the circumstances of riding the cosmic flow, my second trip to Oriental Mindoro gave me a different set of eyes and a different perspective looking at our three-dimensional world. Aside from that, I was gaining new relationships from people who are truly authentic. People who are ready to serve the country. People who has perpetual love to extend their arms to those who are in need. Not for self-glorification, but for the betterment of the whole community. After seeing such truth, after being with real people, after realizing the essence of life, I told myself that I never want to come back to the matrix.

On the way to Coco Beach resort Puerto Gallera
Beach front at White Beach Puerto Gallera

Before we leave Naujan we always visit Puerto Gallera and every time I go here the mood would always be in line to how I want it to be. It was gloomy. It was cozy. It wasn’t congested. Just enough for relaxation. I remember singing my hearts out at a videoke bar on the road to white beach and have a sip of vodka at my room which would render me asleep from 4 pm ’til 10 pm.

I must say that my adventures in Mindoro has truly captivated me. It has welcomed me with open arms and just thinking of it makes me wanna go back and actually live there.  The people that I’ve made has greatly inspired me and a whole lot of others to uplift the human condition. I learned how goodwill is connected to the human heart and not the ego. That’s what separates the real Filipino heroes.

An active advocate for patriotism Ahrens Ines. A Filipino hero.

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