I Tried So Here It Goes by Lei Cortez

I’m okay,
That’s the only thing I can say.
Every night and day,
I remember the day,
When I begged you to stay
But you just keep on running away.

Clear skies will mean you are happy. Rain will mean you’re crying. Sunset means you’re embarrased. Night will mean you are gently holding me.

It seems like it happened yesterday,
And my world turned into gray.
My heart was played,
But I keep on saying I’m okay.
Every night and day,
Wherever I am, I pray
For you to find your way,
Be with me and stay,
And never go away
Like what you’ve did yesterday.
I want you to stay.
For me to be okay.
Not only a words to say,
If you’re going to stay,
I can prove that I’m really okay.

If I took a different way, would it have changed our fates a little?

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