“In order to arrive at seeing one first has to stop the world. Stopping the world is indeed an appropriate rendition of certain states of awareness in which the reality of everyday life is altered because the flow of interpretation, which ordinarily runs uninterruptedly, has been stopped by a set of circumstances alien to that flow” – Don Juan Matus

It was during my trip in Majayjay Laguna that I’ve come to fully remember that I was living differently among the rest of the world. It was during this experience that I’ve come to learn and accept the reality of my mortality. There, I was feeling more of an observer – to the extent that I could almost feel like I am invisible. Shapeless, body less and ego less.  I was keenly observing the outer and the inner dimensions all at the same time. It was as if I was undergoing another change, another metamorphosis. The only thing that I carried along with my earthly body was my capacity to consume large amounts of alcohol. My body became frail as ever but these signs were merely a minor spectacle of things to come.

My initiative project RWC is now beginning to discover its full potential. The initial plan of having a production house is now becoming more of a movement and now it is becoming a reality. The project has now gathered people that are driven by passion. Driven by art expression. Driven by the divine. Having said such profound and elaborate task I am now responsible to keep my frequency as high as possible to keep this boat floating. And as captain of this ship I must seamlessly sail with them as smoothly as possible.

Recently concluded RWC Production workshop.

I doubled the times of my meditation. I observed more and discovered more of my self-described galactic anatomy. As I shed more and more of who I am, I was reborn to a clean slate holding only my purpose of acclaiming the message and not the self. And one of these messages are: WE ARE AN ALMOST PERFECT CELESTIAL BEINGS ASPIRING TO BE GODS. I have come to a conclusion that through a series of immeasurable lifetimes I will become my own master and eventually become a God.

The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another – Nikola Tesla

As I continue my spiritual journey it was also necessary for me to take a step back from other mystical groups and concentrate more on standing in my own power. I have observed that most of these groups are more about their curiosity rather than to be purposeful. Skill-based rather than heart-based. Competition rather than union. If one has yet to find the right footing, they will lose their ground upon joining these groups. While observing, it was weird that these groups seemed to be in the matrix of their own. I am very grateful that my guide and master has taught me well enabling me to hold myself under such situations. I am more overwhelmed that another mentor of mine has showed up reinforcing my unfathomable resolve. (She is first mentioned at the First Jump I See You coming this March 2017)

I have learned so much from these mystical groups and I have the utmost respect for them but my being longs to be still and listen to the guru inside. Without them I would also be nothing. Without them I will cease to exist. It was through these highly commendable groups that I was able to gauge my learning and pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses. I have come to acknowledge that I can only do so much in this lifetime as to become a sun, a moon, a planet in the life after this.

The ViaHero Project at Bukal Falls, Majayjay Laguna

But may it be mystics or ordinary people the “spiritual awakening” phenomena is unquestionable. The world is longing for something more meaningful and that itself makes us purposeful. That was what the ViaHero Project group aspires to do. That’s why mystics are joining forces for this greater cause. No matter who you are, no matter where you are this great shift can be felt and the choice is yours. Death is right in your shoulder. Die and live again upgraded. So grow your wings and fly!

A gathering of intuitives. Special thanks to sir Atho and Ms. Mae. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I will forever cherish this moment.

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