Copper Complexion  by Araw Sun

ashton kutcher
Well, if it wasn’t love, it was a lot like it.

This room smells like

that of a freshly made wooden fire

who’s this woman I see

I swear I know that white blouse she’s wearing


meters away would I sway once again

fighting is done, trapped in the black reflection

the comfort I feel, in this same box with you

kimi wa petto
Life is not about being the best that you can be. It’s about finding the one place in the world where you belong and staying there.

No one seems to be lonely

shades of gold entrap me

we don’t know each other but we’re grinning in the darkness

all these copper complexion I share with you

Don’t wake me! Sedate me!

Triggers the war, mending the scars, the pact is made!

Your papers are white, you’re at the side, I sway and pray!

Holding you! Holding you!

Holding you! Holding you!

Swaying, losing, praying,

Swaying, losing, praying,

Om kama devaya




thanno kama

pracho dayath

wes borland
This is not love. This is unclean.

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