Keep close to Nature’s heart and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean

– John Muir

There’s a place that I went to where buildings and establishments were covered in lianas.

It seemed that the technology used here has life – meaning organic not synthetic. A system in which life-energy itself make things move and everything breathes life. Think of it like smart phones were replaced by tree leaves and huge timbers as automobiles. All things have life here.

A canopy of Entada gigas that has formed over a monkey ladder vine (Bauhinia glabra) on Kauai, Hawaii.

It occurred to me that the liana is the life source and it holds all life. They were more in the shade of red, yellow to orange rather than green. Though some parts of it where dark green that it appears to be black. It glows and pumps life to all. It’s a world where earth’s consciousness is the law and ruling class. It has feeder roots that vary in different shapes and sizes. It spreads on the floor, the walls, the ceilings and it is literally everywhere. But this world is far from the looks of a jungle though it looked somewhat like it. This is where civilization and nature has harmoniously nourished. This place is extremely sublime.

rogue wolf creations
The place looked somewhow like this. All though it isn’t dystopia. It was teeming with life.

The first time that I was there, though I could remember only few, I felt scared and intimidated. But all dissipated seeing such spectacle and immediately I was in awe the second time around.

I was mesmerized on how things worked. Here, I was an employee of a big corporation. A corporation that harnesses the earth’s core energy and share it to the wholeness of humanity. With this abundance, everything was so peaceful. Everything is in the right place.

I was wandering around the vicinity. I was observing the people. We all wore the same clothes of formal white with yellow and light green linings. Everyone looked radiant and natural. There was no reason to be envious because everyone was governed by the loving spirit of mother earth. Everyone worked according to their purpose. According to their roles. Everyone lived according to their noble intentions.

I went in an elevator ran by a humungous root of a tree. I can barely remember exploring each floors and most were hazy in my mind. All I could remember is walking into this very long hall. Just walking. Walking. Walking… Then I woke up.

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