There’s always going to be the circumstances you can’t plan for. There’s always the unexpected relevance and the serendipity – Jason Silva

I was recently invited to a wedding by my friend in college. Surprisingly, I was confused and flattered at the same time for we weren’t classmates at all – yet we were good friends. In fact, he was from the college of Architecture while I was from AB. But how we got to know each other is where my story begins.

When I was in College I would normally go to the church (though it may be unbecoming of me) after classes and wait for my friends in the college of Architecture. Then the fun begins.
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The moment I stepped into UST church, I immediately said my hello to the groom (Dodjie) and my “kababata” (Roy) who was part of the entourage. But what struck me the most during this moment was seeing the donation box which said “need help?”. My lips began to arc as this was the moment I came back down memory lane. This donation box had a very cute incident with me and a teenage crush.

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This donation box has a very significant meaning in my life. Apparently, it hasn’t move an inch since I graduated and is still situated on the same place where I remember it from.

A couple of years back during college (trust me, in ain’t that long ago), I was fervently infatuated to this girl who were classmates with my kababata and the groom. I became so close to their barkada that I became part of their circle. I was even more friends with them than with my own block mates. I was sincerely being friends with all of them and at the same time, shylingly closing the distance between me and my teenage crush. So there was this one time that I intended to surprise her on her birthday. My friends gave me a tip that she’d be around UST church at 6 am the day of her birthday. My class was at 7 am, so ano ba naman yung pumasok ako ng mas maaga para lang batiin yung crush ko ng happy birthday di ba? Unfortunately, my plan never materialized as I woke up late and arrived at the church around 7:30 am and no one was inside the church. I blew my chance. So then I stood there disappointed and I started to pray. While praying, my eyes got the attention of the donation box that said at that time “need a friend?”. I shrugged and smiled and said to myself “Thanks God”.

Shortly after my prayers, it seemed that God had the answer. In an almost miraculous fashion, I saw a looming maroon architecture uniform at the side of my eyes. Holy molly, it is “her”. My heart was pounding fast, I was turning red and I couldn’t explain the joy that I felt at that moment. It was indeed a miracle for me. I waited for her to finish her petitions and waited outside. When she was done I approached her at the lobby and she was surprised that she fell on the steps. Like a romantic movie, it gave me an opportunity to grab her things and finally tell her her first happy birthday of the day. At that moment, I was so flustered that I awkwardly asked her to hand an Our Lady Peace CD to my friend just to be able to initiate a conversation.

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I was praying exactly where the guy in black is standing when she came to my right side a couple of meters away. The donation box was sitting right to me left.
rogue wolf creations
Our Lady Peace got their name from a poem by Mark Van Doren that has the same title.

That was probably one of the most unforgettable moments of my very uneventful college life. I remember sharing it to my friends as a “Got to Believe” moment as this movie was predominant at that time. Though we didn’t end up with each other, I am overly fond of those moments. A year later, I got a much better relationship. A relationship that that’s like whiskey getting much better as the years pass. I accidentally became intimate with my block mate. She unconditionally took care of me. Back then, I had a bloated ego and she weathered every episode of it. She would take care of me when drunk, she would lend me notes, and the best part is that she would lend me her best playstation games. She is the perfect companion I’ve ever met. Now, she is one of mybest friends, my confidant, my strength. She is currently engaged and I am so happy for her. My relationship to her has stood the test of time and I consider ours as a treasure. I must say that my love for her will be ‘til the end of my existence.

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These were the lobby steps in which she fell and I hurriedly helped her.

Back to the present, coincidentally, I fell so deep for someone who’s from the same college, AB. Believe me, this is only the second time that I felt this strong for someone. So intense, that I feel like she has a great purpose in my life. I mean, we all know that every person we encounter has a purpose in our lives, but she is different. Though she will probably never know and understand, sabi nga sa quote: “The best kind love is the one you can’t explain”. Nevertheless, she is linked to someone else. So I needed to back off in respect to the other person. At times I wanted to know her more, but I can’t ask for more what she can give. I then understood what “Someday you will realize that some people will remain in your heart but not in your life” meant.

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You’ve already won me over in spite of me

To cap all these stories, the wedding day was truly remarkable to me and it made me savor life in the present and reminisce on the past. It made me realize how much I’ve grown and where I am now. My definition of love has grown and expounded by these experiences. And as I embark this journey they call life, I will encounter more love and hardships and in the end of it all there will always be hope. So in your life’s journey, how are you doing?

Congrats to Dodjie and Rose! God bless!

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