“In order to arrive at seeing one first has to stop the world. Stopping the world is indeed an appropriate rendition of certain states of awareness in which the reality of everyday life is altered because the flow of interpretation, which ordinarily runs uninterruptedly, has been stopped by a set of circumstances alien to that flow” – Don Juan Matus

It was during my trip in Majayjay Laguna that I’ve come to fully remember that I was living differently among the rest of the world. It was during this experience that I’ve come to learn and accept the reality of my mortality. There, I was feeling more of an observer – to the extent that I could almost feel like I am invisible. Shapeless, body less and ego less.  I was keenly observing the outer and the inner dimensions all at the same time. It was as if I was undergoing another change, another metamorphosis. The only thing that I carried along with my earthly body was my capacity to consume large amounts of alcohol. My body became frail as ever but these signs were merely a minor spectacle of things to come.

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